OpenBridge Modeler

Place Beam Group tool

Used to select a beam definition for a beam layout.

Found on the Home ribbon tab in the Superstructure group.

To place a beam group, select an existing beam layout and a second data point to accept. The Beam Definition dialog opens to

Tool Settings

Default Type group
Custom (Concrete beams only) Check this box to automatically select Custom in the Beam Definition dialog.
Built-Up (Steel beams only) Check this box to automatically select Built-Up in the Beam Definition dialog.
Construct Wet Joints (Concrete beams only) Set option to true, if wet joints between beams need to filled with Wet Joint material, connecting Wet joint key Points. Closure pour is a more commonly used US terminology. Wet joint is assumed continuous for entire beam length. If wet joint key points have diaphragm upper and lower bound also specified, it can be used to model them at intermittent locations along beam length.
Wet Joints Ends Normal In cases of skewed support lines, the wet joints at the ends can either be specified to be normal to alignment (true) or skewed along support line (false).
Wet Joint Material Material properties for wet joint. Material should be defined in Material libraries.
Rotation group
Use Beam Rotation (Concrete beams only) When this option is set, beams in this group will be normal to the slope of the deck. Otherwise, beams are placed vertical to the Z axis (world coordinate system) (i.e., "plumb").
Feature group
Feature Definition Select an existing feature definition from the drop-down list to use for object being placed.
Name Prefix Type a prefix value to use for all objects set using this Feature Definition, which are useful in quickly identifying features in a group.
Key-in: bmgeom beam placebeamgroup