OpenBridge Modeler

Place Advanced Deck dialog

There are three main functions in this dialog allowing for more complex definition of the superstructure deck.

Deck Sections tab

In the Deck Sections tab, you can specify multiple templates of fixed length along the bridge length. This allows you to define multiple templates and model variations such as going from solid sections to open/hollow box sections as shown below.

There are two options to input or view the data
  1. Expanded view, which allows for a layout showing the length of each template section, and its associated template
  2. Grid View, a more traditional tabular/spreadsheet like data input

Simply specify template to be used, the start and end distances to layout the box girder bridge. You can define the variation as a distance from a supportline, as a ratio of the span, or by Station.

Diaphragms tab

In this tab, you can define diaphragms or solid areas of concrete at several sections along the bridge. These could be at start, end or any point along each deck template section specified earlier under the deck sections tab. Each of the diaphragms can also be skewed independently by a user defined input or set to follow start or end skews, or simply be defined normal to the alignment. No separate template needs to be defined for the diaphragm, all voids in template are automatically filled in solid.

Variable Constraints tab

Variations (linear, parabolic) for all the named variable constraints defined for the template in the library can be defined in this tab.

Transfer to Analytics

Currently only transfer to RM Bridge is supported. Transfer to LEAP Bridge Concrete for these advanced decks is not yet available.