OpenBridge Modeler

Pier Elevation Constraints dialog

Used to specify elevation constraints when placing pier or abutment templates on pier lines.

Dialog Settings

Working Point Elevation
Cap tab
Position Select either:
  • Offset from deck
  • Absolute

Type a distance corresponding to the selection.

Top Slope Select either:
  • Parallel to deck
  • Level
Bottom Slope Select either:
  • Parallel to top cap
  • Level
Footings tab

(piers only)

Apply To apply a constraint to all the footings in a pier, select the constraint method, type an offset value, and then click Apply.
  • From DTM – Type an offset (positive up) from the corresponding terrain (DTM) elevation at the center of the footing.
  • Elevation – Type an arbitrary elevation value to use for the footing elevation.
Constraints table Each footing in the template can have a different constraint value. For each footing, select the Constrained cell option, select the method of constraint, and then type the offset value.

By default, footings will be placed at the terrain (DTM) elevation.