OpenBridge Modeler

Manage Abutment Templates tool

Opens the Abutment Templates dialog, which is used to manage the templates for the selected abutment type .

Found on the Utilities ribbon bar in the Libraries group.

This tool has no settings.

Abutment Templates dialog

Add New Opens the Edit Abutment dialog with an empty template of the selected abutment type.
View/Edit Opens the selected template in the Edit Abutment dialog.
Copy Used to copy the selected abutment template to a new template. You are prompted to type a name for the new template.
Delete Deletes the selected abutment template from the library.
Warning: No confirmation is made before removing the template and this cannot be undone.
Current Templates list The list of all templates, organized by folder, for the selected abutment type.
Key-in: bmlib manage abutment < pilecap | stemwall >