OpenBridge Modeler

Import Geometry tool

Used to import geometry elements that are stored in the cogo databases if they are MX (FIL), InRoads (ALG or FIL), or GEOPAK (GPK )elements..

  • on the Home ribbon tab, in the Bridge Setup group

  • on the Civil ribbon tab, in the General Tools group under Import/Export

This tool has no settings.

Opens the Import Geometry dialog, which is used to select a civil geometry file (file extensions: .xml, .fil, .alg, or .gpk). Once a file has been selected, the Import Geometry dialog opens.

Import Geometry dialog

objects list Contains a tree view of all geometry objects in the selected file.
Create Civil Rules If this box is checked, the civil relationships are brought in for the elements. If not the intelligence is lost, and the elements come in as pure MicroStation elements, lines, arcs etc.
Key-in: bmimp import geometry