OpenBridge Modeler

Edit Wingwall dialog

Used to edit wingwall data for a wingwall template.

Wingwall Name Type a name to identify the wingwall template name.

Wingwall tab

Dimensions group Type the overall dimensions (Height and Length), the thickness at the top and bottom, and optional slope values at the free end of the wing wall.
Misc group Specify the footing options.
Has Footing Select if this wing wall has a footing or not.
Footing Offset Type a lateral offset value from the center of the footing to the center of the wingwall.

Footing tab

Type the dimensions for the rectangular footing vertically and on the pier line station.

Piles tab

Pile Shape Select the shape of piles used:
  • Rectangular
  • Circular
  • H Pile
  • None
The corresponding dimensions are displaced.
Pile Layout Click to open the Pile Layout dialog, which is used to specify pile layout parameters and automatically generate the pile layout.
Dimensions group
Pile Length The total length of the piles.
Rotation The angle of rotation of the piles.