OpenBridge Modeler

Dynamic View By Station tool

Used to generate a dynamic cross section (cut) view of the model at a given station.

Found on the Analysis and Reporting ribbon tab, in the Bridge Reporting group.

Tool Settings

Station Set this option to type a station along the alignment.
Skew Angle Set this option to type a skew angle of the cut for the view.

Angle measured from normal to alignment. Clockwise is positive, and counterclockwise is negative.

Depth Set this option to type a depth limit —measured along the alignment— for the view. Objects past this threshold will not appear in the view when the Cut With Depth option is selected.
Profile Type
  • Cut — Creates a cut view with unlimited depth. This option should typically be used to capture a 2D plan view at the station.
  • Cut With Depth — Creates a cut using the specified depth to limit objects. Any objects beyond the cut plane will also appear in the view.
Half Callout Set this option to generate a dynamic view of just half the bridge width. This is useful for a wide or symmetric bridge.

Typical callout (A) and half callout (B)

Key-in: bmreport reports dynamicview