OpenBridge Modeler

Deck Elevation Report dialog

Used to generate a report of deck elevations parametrically

Dialog Controls

Report Name Type a descriptive name for your report.
Start / End Select the supportline (from the active bridge unit) and type any Offset value for each.
Transversal Lines Select the method by how the report transverse lines are specified:
  • Points Per Span – type the number of points along the span to use. Set the Individual Paths option to use this number independent of beam lengths.
  • Spacing – type a linear spacing to use between the lines
  • By Segment – select this option to use the segment edges for segmental bridges
Common References table Select the common referenced points along the bridge deck to include in the report.
Auxiliary Click Select to auxiliary elements to add to the report.
Generate Click to generate the report. The report opens in the Preview window for review and printing.
Save And Close Saves the changes to the report and closes the dialog.