OpenBridge Modeler

Cross-Frame Placement dialog

Used to place cross frames between steel beams within a beam group.

Opens when the Place tool is selected on the Superstructure ribbon tab in the Cross Frames group and a beam group is selected.

beam pair list A list of all the adjacent pairs of beams is displayed here. Select the pair representing the bay where you want to add cross frames.
Add Click to add a row to the cross frame table. You can use this to add individual cross frames.
Remove Click to remove the selected row from the table.
Remove All Click to remove all rows from the table. This will remove all cross frames from the currently selected beam pair.
Wizard Opens the Cross Frame Location Wizard dialog, which is used to parametrically place cross frames between the selected beam pairs.
Copy Opens the Copy Cross-Frames dialog, which is used to copy the cross frames from the currently selected beam pair to one or more of the other beam pairs in the beam group.
Validate Click to have the program validate if the current crossframes layout for the beam group contains any detectable problems, such as overlap.
OK Click to save the current cross frame layout to the beam group.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving the cross frame layout.