OpenBridge Modeler

Create Saved View tool

Used to name and describe the view that you are saving.

Note: For additional details on using the Create Saved Viewtool, refer to the MicroStation platform help.
Method Allows you to choose the method of creating the saved view:
  • From View - Area of the saved view is taken from view window.
  • By Two Points - Area of the saved view is determined by selecting two points in the view window.
Note: When working in 3D, the Z-depth of the saved view is defined by the display depth of the active view.
View Type Allows you to select either a saved view or one of the dynamic view types.
Name Text field that lets you provide a name for the saved view.
Description Optional text field that lets you provide a description of the saved view.
Create Drawing If on, the Create Drawing dialog opens after creating the saved view. This dialog is used for automating dynamic views.
Clip Volume Select (From View) or the named boundaries from the drop-down list to allow the clip volume to be used.
Note: A named boundary is created when you save a fence from the Place Fence tool or the Clip Volume tool.
Associative Lets you associate a clip volume with the saved view.
Note: Modifying the clip volume also adjusts the saved view.
Key-in: NAMEDVIEW CREATE [ create_view_method ] [ view_name ]
Note: In the NAMEDVIEW CREATE key-in, the values for the create_view_method parameter are 0 for the "From View" method and 1 or any other number for the "From 2-Points" method.
Key-in: NAMEDVIEW SAVE [ view_number ] [ view_name ] [ view_description ]