OpenBridge Modeler

Clash Detection Dialog, Rules Tab

Contains controls that allow you to turn on or off suppression rules for the clash detection job. Rules are applied in the order in which they are presented in the list box. By using the Up and Down buttons, you can reorder according to your preference. When two elements clash, the properties of an element are checked against the activated rules.

You can use the Rules Template dialog to create a new suppression rule based on a delivered rule. You also can duplicate rules and then change the values. Rules are stored in the job.

New Opens the Rules Template dialog, which allows you to create a new suppression rule from a template. After selecting a rule in the dialog and clicking Create, the suppression rule is added to the Rules list box. It also appears in the Rule Description box ready to be edited. If the rule already is listed in the Rules list box, the new rule is added but is numbered sequentially, starting with number 2.
Duplicate Makes a copy of the selected suppression rule and adds it to the list. The new entry is marked with the word Copy.
Delete Deletes the selected rule from the active job. The rule is deleted for this job only and will be available for other jobs.
Up Moves the rule up in the hierarchy list.
Down Moves the rule down in the hierarchy list.
Rules List Box Turn on or off the suppression rule(s) you want to apply to the current clash detection job. Rules are applied in the order shown.
Rule Description Displays the details of the suppression rule selected in the list box. You can edit the rule by clicking the underlined value. Select the new value from the dialog that opens. This dialog varies according to the value you want to change.

Whenever you create a new rule from a template, the underlined values must be updated or an error message appears in the Rules list box.