OpenBridge Modeler

Clash Detection Dialog, Criteria Tab

Contains controls to select the criteria to include in the clash detection job. The elements in Set A are checked against the elements in Set B. The elements in Set A display in red and elements in Set B display in blue. You can either drag the reference into the set list box or right-click the level, reference, or named group and select Copy and then paste it into the appropriate set list box. Only elements visible in a view are included in the clash detection; turning off an element removes it from the clash detection.

Levels pane The Levels pane displays the names of all the levels in the active file; references with duplicate levels display only once.

If any level filters are included with levels in the file, they display in the filter drop-down menu.

References pane The References pane shows all references and nested references; duplicate references display only once. If you add a file as a reference, it is automatically added to the list in the References pane.
Named Groups pane The Named Groups pane shows all the named groups in the active file.
Set A and Set B Drag into the Set A and Set B list boxes, the levels, references, or named groups that are to be included in the clash detection operation. Elements in Set A display in red and elements in Set B display in blue.

When you right-click in either of the list boxes, a pop-up menu opens giving you the option to Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Delete, or Remove All.

You can also add levels, references, or named groups to Set A or Set B by the key-in CLASHDETECTION [SETA | SETB] ADD [LEVEL | REFERENCE | NAMEDGROUP] <identifier>.

Soft Clearance Clearance specifies the extra distance you can add between two or more components. You can insert a value for the clearance tolerance that is applied to any item in the set. Unit type is set in the Working Units category of the Design File Settings dialog.
Self Check Checks the selected set of objects against itself. By default, Self Check is off.
Right-click menus Right-clicking in the Levels, Reference or Named Groups pane, opens the following pop-up menu:
  • Copy
  • Select All

Right-clicking in the Set A or Set B list box opens the following pop-up menu:

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Select All
  • Delete
  • Remove All
clashdetection [SETA | SETB] clear