OpenBridge Modeler

Beam Report tool

Generates elevations along tenth points of each of the beams in a bridge unit.

The beam length report includes, for every concrete beam in the bridge, the true length (measured along the beam length in 3D), the projected length (2D plan length), and also includes the beam grade (slope) as a percent, direction and rotation about the vertical axis of the beam if any.

Note: In this release, the beam elevation report does not include camber and deflection values read from LEAP Bridge Concrete.

Found on the Analysis and Reporting ribbon tab, in the Bridge Reporting group.

The tenth points are measured based on bearing to bearing distances. The elevations are measured along the center line of the top flange of the beam. This report also provides a report of the haunch thickness along the beam centerline at every tenth point along the beam.

The Beam Elevation reports also provide a table of haunch thickness values along the left, right edges and centerline of each beam. Haunch elevation values are also reported at left and right edges of the haunch. These are automatically reported at tenth points along each beam between bearing locations.

This tool has no settings.

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