OpenBridge Modeler

Beam Layout dialog

Used to specify beam layout parameters between selected pier lines.

Opens when the Place Beam Layout tool is selected and limiting supportlines are selected in the view window.

Dialog Settings

Alignment Lists the current alignment, which is by default the active alignment in the project.

Click Select to select a different alignment in the project.

Aux Alignments Click Add to select a different alignment to use as an auxiliary.
Placement Method The beam spans in the layout over the selected supportlines will be Simple spans or Continuous based on this selection.
Default Span Select the default span from the list of spans (listed by supporting supportlines).
Set All To Default Select to set the beam layout for all spans to that of the selected Default Span.
supportline span selections Select the span to display in the Details group for editing. If Set All To Default is selected, then only the default span may be edited.
Same Beam Start/End Values If checked, the Beam End values are set to be the same as the Beam Start values. These include Spacing, Method, SL Offset, and Skew Ends option.
Number of Beams Type the number of longitudinal beams in a beam slab bridge cross-section and press <Return>.
Left / Right Edge Distance For each edge, type the distance from the deck edge to nearest beam centerline in a beam slab bridge cross-section and then click Apply.
Note: Positive edge distance is measured from left to right, so a right edge distance is typically given as a negative value.
Spacing The center to center spacing between beams at the start and end.
Method Select if the beam center lines are normal to the start or end supportline or if the beams are along the skew.
PL Offset Type the longitudinal distance from the start supportline to start or end of beam within the span and click Apply.
Note: Positive values (+ve) are ahead of the pier and negative values (-ve) are behind the pier with respect to stationing.
Skew Ends Set this option to use skewed beam ends for when selected. Otherwise the beam ends will be normal to the direction of the span.
Use Chord Select this option to lay out the beam lines as straight lines between pier lines rather than following the alignment or deck edge.
beam details table The table displays the layout values for each beam in the selected span. Individual beams can be edited manually.
Validate Click to have layout validation performed on the layout specified. Any beams with detected errors will be displayed in red and have a red flag icon at the start of the row.
Save Places the beam layout in the selected supportline spans.
Advanced Bearing Definition If the check box for Advanced Bearing Definition is checked, user can optionally specify additional bearing data for each end of a beam.
Number Required 1,2 or 3. Number of bearings at specific end of the beam
Spacing Center to center spacing between bearings
Transverse Offset To offset transversely the entire set of bearings at this end. Looking upstation left hand side is negative, and right hand side is positive
Longitudinal Offset To offset longitudinally, (along the span direction) the entire set of bearings at this end. Positive is upstation, and negative is downstation