OpenBridge Modeler

Associative Extraction

Used to extract an associative face and edge from a solid or surface. The extracted faces and edges still maintain their association with the parent solids.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Concrete > Home > Face Based Rebar > Associative Extraction
Face Offset Allows you to place the face or edge at the set offset distance from the solid. The Value can be set negative, that will create the face offset inward the solid. You can also assign a variable to this setting by clicking the Variable icon (x) next to the text field.
Level, Weight,.. Sets the symbology attributes —Level, Color, Weight, Style, and Class for the solid edge by checking the respective check box and selecting the option in each to override the default. When unselected, the currently active attributes get applied. Active session settings are retained.
Invoking Associative Extraction tool automatically activates predefined Level, named AssocFace in the model. This default level uses Construction class.
Note: Attributes that are defined "By Level", get set directly when such Level is selected. Only 'Level' change will thus inherit the rest of attributes.
The association with the solid is maintained, such that in case you modify the solid, the extracted face or edge is also modified accordingly.