OpenBridge Modeler

Associative Intersection

Used to create an associative intersecting edge between two associative faces of a solid, including that of rebars.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Concrete > Home > Face Based Rebar > Associative Intersection
Level, Weight,.. Sets the Level, Color, Weight, Style, and Class for the solid edge by checking the respective check box and selecting the option in each.

The rebar solid /surfaces that are set face offset using the (Associative Extraction) are selected when associating intersections. The concrete solid can inherit rebar properties, say that of a single rebarset, or that of a single rebar distribution. When an extraction is applied the tool induces the bar pattern currently set for the rebar solid in reference.

The extraction workflow holds good for regular as well as curved surfaces. The manipulation on rebar solids follows association of bar distribution and the lap options currently set to the rebars in active solid.