OpenBridge Modeler

Bar Analytics

Used to view information about rebar existing in the active model.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Concrete > Utilities > Rebar Utilities > Bar Analytics
Tabs on the Bar Analytics dialog display different sorts of information:
  • Summary tab – Displays bar size, count and weight for each bar size (tabulated), and a total count and weight (bottom)
  • 3D Model tab – Displays concrete element ID's and the DGN levels on which they are located in addition to the bar size, diameter, count and weight
  • Bar Factory tab – Displays bar mark, shape, and length in addition to size, diameter, count and weight, and three filters (Dimensions, Labels, Scaled (fitted)).
  • Drawing(s) tab – Displays information about drawings (drawing model name, rebar count, and rebar type) containing the rebar the Bar Analytics tool queries.
  • Bar Accounting tab – Displays bar mark, size, shape and count of bars not shown on any drawing and bars shown on more than one drawing.