OpenBridge Modeler

To create a horizontal curve

To create a simple, chord to use for the horizontal alignment, do the following.

Tip: Change your view rotation to Top View to display the horizontal curve layout.
The civil tools can be used to create a horizontal curve as the basis for the alignment. This tutorial will use a chord for the alignment, but more complex curves can be created using similar methods.
  1. On the Civil ribbon tab, select the Lines > Line Between Points tool in the Horizontal group.

  2. In the tool settings dialog, set the tool parameters:
    1. Set the Distance option and type a value of 600.0000 (m).
    2. Set the Direction option and type a value of 356°.
  3. Place the line in the view window with a Top Down orientation:
    1. Data point anywhere in the view window.
    2. Data point again to accept.
    The chord which will be the base of the horizontal alignment is placed.
    Tip: Select the Fit View tool in the view window to display the entire line.
  4. Move the line to a more convenient location in the drawing for use later:
    1. Select the line and then select the Properties tool () from the pop-up tool bar. The Properties are displayed in a pop-up window.
    2. Expand the Start Point group and then type an X coordinate of 2155580 (2,155,580 m) and a Y coordinate of 593200 (593200 m).
    3. In the Length and Direction fields, type 600.000 [m] and 356°. Changing the start point will alter these from when you first created the line.
    4. Click away from the pop-up properties.
    The line is moved. Use the Fit View tool again to change the view to the current line location.
  5. On the Civil ribbon tab, select the Complex Geometry > Complex By Elements tool in the Horizontal group.

    This tool is used to construct a complex element out of one or more elements. This complex element will have basic stationing assigned, among other attributes.
  6. In the Create Complex Elements tool settings dialog, set the following tool parameters:
    1. Type a MyAlignment in the Name field.
      Note: It is required that an alignment have a name in order to be used for a bridge in OpenBridge Modeler.
    2. Select Automatic from the Method drop-down list.
  7. Data point on the line near the start (left end). An arrow will preview the direction of the ahead stations.
  8. Data point again to accept the selection.
  9. Set the start station value:
    1. On the Civil ribbon tab, select the Modify > Start Station tool in the Horizontal group.

    2. In the view window, data point on the alignment.
    3. Type 0 at the Start Distance prompt and press <Return>.
    4. Data point to accept the value.
    5. Type 127+41.4500 at the Start Station prompt and press <Return>.
You now have a 600m long horizontal curve that begins with Station 127+41.4500. Next, you will need to create vertical geometry and associate it with the horizontal alignment.