OpenBridge Modeler

Program Limitations

While OpenBridge Modeler supports several capabilities, please be aware of the following limitations in the current version.

  • OpenBridge Modeler only supports SELECTseries 4 Update 2 release of the Civil products or higher.
  • While transfer to LEAP Bridge Steel or LEAP Bridge Concrete is bi-directional, transfer to RM Bridge analytics is one directional from OpenBridge Modeler to Analytics. Only Tendons (paths and properties) can be brought back into OpenBridge Modeler.
  • For slab bridges with skewed supports, OpenBridge Modeler does not yet support break backs for decks.
  • For steel bridge modeling, OpenBridge Modeler supports detailed modeling of stiffeners or crossframes, but not field splices.
  • Camber and deflection values can be read in from LEAP Bridge Concrete. The 3D model in OpenBridge Modeler is not changed and the values are only used to adjust the deck screed and beam erection elevation reports, specifically available under the Camber dialog.
  • Reinforcement can be added/modified using the ProConcrete tools included under the ProConcrete workflow. Additional ProConcrete functionality such as producing detailed drawings, material take-offs, and bar bending schedules requires separate installation and license of ProConcrete or ProStructures.
  • Concrete spliced girders are not yet supported.
  • OpenBridge Modeler currently does not support transfer of data to applications outside the Bentley Bridge portfolio of products. However, 3D model information can be published as i-models or in pdf format.
  • Prestressing Tendons and Strands are not yet modeled in OpenBridge Modeler. Once modeled in RM Bridge, they can be transferred back to OpenBridge Modeler.
Additional limitations:
  • Some limitations in Project Explorer could not be addressed in time for this release, such as expand-all / collapse all options on the tree view.