OpenBridge Modeler

Differencing Window

Most user interaction occurs in the differencing window.

The differencing window is divided into two halves which operate very similarly. The top half manipulates objects, and the bottom half manipulates properties of the objects selected in the top half. At the bottom, there is the Cancel, Update and Preview buttons to act on the manipulated object list. Note not all buttons are available all the time, as it depends on the current settings within the differencing window.

Action Buttons

Three important buttons at the bottom are Preview, Update and Cancel.




Used to exit from the Civil Design Synchronization Navigator. It leaves the ICM file unchanged.


The Update button is used to write all the changes to the ICM file or update the application. If the application is to be updated, the update button will display the text "Update Application ". When the user decides to commit all the changes, the current value of change state (i.e. accepted, rejected, or unchanged) of each changed object is considered while committing.


The Preview button can be used to view the current graphical state resulting from the user acceptance (or rejection) of the changes reported by the differencing process. Preview is only available when about to update an ICM model.

Note: The best practice is to accept the desired changes in the differencing window, then click Preview. The graphics display is synchronized to show the result of these accepted changes.

The graphic representation and the differencing window are closely tied together. The display or representation in one can be controlled from the other.