OpenBridge Modeler

What's New in CONNECT Edition Update 7.3

This topic summarizes the new enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 7.3.

  • Support for linearly varying concrete beam cross sections
  • Wet joints (closure pours) between concrete beams
  • Optional Camber computation based on user input min. clearance and residual camber values
  • Dimension Beam Layout
  • Dimension Beam cross section in Beam Definition
  • Copy Options on Beam Definition
  • Add local File menu options for all Libraries
  • Variable Mapping for Functional Components – Ground tie
  • Model Tendon Points in OBM Templates, transfer to RM
  • Allow ratio format for Pile batter.
  • Display Beam Lengths in Beam Layout dialog
  • Add/Persist Deck Layout outline to 2D Beam Layout
  • Report on Beam Elevations at bottom of flange for Steel Girders
  • Transfer cross frames from OBM to RM
  • Allow Renaming of Support Lines in Modify Support Line Dialog
  • Generate accurate Haunch solids for Built-up Beams
  • Longitudinal Offset for Abutment
  • Drilled Shaft – Bell End option
  • Add Texas U Beams to Library
  • Add NEXT Beams to Library
  • Add Louisiana DOT Beams to Library
  • Remove “Update Bridge” from Ribbon Tool Bar. Key-in still available.
  • Tag Piers as HammerHead, Wall for RCP. Transfer to Analytics.
  • Update FC for PENNDOT Piers to have different angles for left and right side wing walls
  • Several Minor UI Enhancements (tool-tips, Copy/Paste to Excel, Improving graphs etc.)
  • Rectangular Cap Pier - Option to apply Skew to Solids
  • No Update to MicroStation PowerPlatform. Still on MS CE Update 12
  • Update to CIF/ORD v10.07.03.xx

Additional China Specific Enhancements

  • Wet Joints between beams with different number of Sections. Create ghost sections internally
  • Beam Definition: Load pre-saved beam definitions into grid from XML
  • Add Multiple Units rapidly
  • China Bearing Extension – Show information in placement dialog
  • Include China specific Bearings (Cells)
  • Include China specific Functional Components (Metric only)
  • China specific Material library from XML (Metric only)
  • China Template library from XML (cross section template in Metric only)