OpenBridge Modeler

To create a new wing wall template

To create a new abutment template, use the following procedure.

  1. Either:

    On the Utilities ribbon tab, select the Wingwall tool in the Libraries group.


    Key in bmlib manage abutment wingwall

    The Wingwall Templates dialog opens.
  2. Click Add New.
    Tip: You can also use the Copy and Edit buttons to use an existing wing wall type as a template.
    The Edit Wingwall dialog opens with some basic wingwall details for the selected wingwall type already modeled.
  3. Type a Wingwall Name.
  4. On the Wingwall tab, type the wingwall dimensions.
    1. Type the overall Height and Length of the wingwall.
    2. Type the Top Thickness and Bottom Thickness.
    3. (Optional) Type values for the offsets to create slopes at the top and bottom of the free end of the wingwall as necessary.
  5. To specify a footing for the wing wall:
    1. Select Yes in the Has Footing drop-down to specify a footing for the wingwall.
    2. (Optional) Type the Footing Offset distance if necessary.
    3. Select the Footing tab.
    4. Type the footing dimensions.
    5. If the footing is sloped, select Yes in the Sloped drop-down list and then type the dimensions.
  6. On the Piles tab:
    1. Select the Pile Type from the drop-down list for the default footing.
    2. Type the pile dimensions for the default footing.
    3. Click the Pile Layout Design tool () to open the Pile Layout dialog.
    4. Type the margin distances, angles, and numbers of piles in either direction.
    5. Click Generate.
    6. Click the Add tool () to add a column-specific pile arrangement.
    7. Click OK.
  7. Click OK.