OpenBridge Modeler

To create a cross frame template

To create cross frame template for use with modeling steel girder bridges, use the following procedure.

Cross frame templates make use of connection plate templates.

  1. Either:

    on the Utilities ribbon tab, select the Cross Frames tool in the Libraries group


    Key in: bmlib manage crossframe

    The Cross Frames Library dialog opens.
  2. Click Add. A new entry is added to the list.
  3. (Optional) To change the cross frame bay dimensions in the display window, do the following:
    1. Click Display Options. The Display Options dialog opens.
    2. Type the Height and Width to use for the cross frame bay.
    3. Type a Stiffener Thickness to use for the cross frame connection.
    4. Click Save.
  4. Type a Name for the cross frame template.
  5. Select the Frame Type. This dictates the number of members in the cross frame.
    Tip: Click Update Drawing after each change you make to the template in order to see these reflected in the 3D rendering.
  6. For each member in the cross frame, specify the member parameters on the Members tab:
    1. Select the Configuration of the member:
    2. Specify any vertical (along the depth of the cross frame) or axial (along the length of the current member) offsets for both left and right sides (looking upstation).
    3. Select a Section to use.
    4. Select a Material.
    5. Select the Centerline Reference point on the member depth.
    6. Select the Section Rotation.
    7. Type a Net Area Reduction value.
  7. For each connection plate used in the cross frame configuration, specify the plate parameters on the Connection Plates tab:
    Tip: The plate types are arranged in a general formation of how they are arranged in a physical cross frame
    1. Select the connection plate Template name.
    2. (Optional) Type a Horizontal Offset and Vertical Offset as needed.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 7 to add additional cross frame templates as needed.
  9. Click Save.