OpenBridge Modeler

To generate a super-structure cross section drawing

  1. In a view window, select the Top View tool in the view control toolbox.
  2. Either:

    In the Analysis and Reporting ribbon tab, select the Create tool in the Drawings group


    key in bmreport reports reffoldview

  3. In the view window, data point on the bridge alignment.
  4. Either:

    data point at the station along the alignment


    type the Station in the tool settings dialog and data point to accept

    The Create Drawing dialog opens.
  5. Type a Name for the drawing.
  6. Select a Drawing Seed.
  7. Select an appropriate scale for the drawing mode.
  8. Ensure that the Create Sheet Model option is checked.
  9. Click OK. A view opens with the dynamic view drawing generated.
All drawings will be included in the Models dialog. Either select File > Models or select the Models tool found on the Primary toolbox ().
Tip: You can return to the 3D bridge model by double-clicking the "Default" model in this dialog.

The drawings will be automatically updated for most changes. However, keep in mind that very large changes not work. For example, changing a 20' pier to a 40' pier or deleting and adding piers will not update the drawings.

Note: You turn off the display of the section callouts generated by the dynamic views on the View Attributes dialog in the view window toolbox (). Clear the Section Callouts display under the Markers display control.