OpenBridge Modeler

Adding a Starter Bar to a Concrete Element

To add a starter bar to a concrete element:

  1. Select ( Single Rebar Distribution).
  2. On your drawing, click to select the concrete element you are adding rebar to.

    The Single Rebar Distribution dialog opens.

  3. Use the Single Rebar Distribution dialog to set up rebar, end conditions, and assignment information.
  4. Select bar type, insertion style, and configure your end conditions.
  5. Select a placement method to define the shape of your starter bar:

    Insert Bar by Points


    Insert Bar by Object

  6. On your model, click to identify the bar placement. Based on the insert option:

    Click to select points. Your bar will be placed along the path you click.


    Click on a pre-drawn object.

  7. To insert a series of bars:
    1. Click the Distribution tab.
    2. Set up Distribution and Shift Rebar fields as required.
    3. Click Path.
    4. On your drawing, click to select the starting and ending points for distributing the bars.
  8. Click OK .