OpenBridge Modeler

Analysis and Reporting Ribbon Tab

Table 1. Bridge Reporting group
Tool name Description

Quantities Report
Opens the report Preview window with the quantities report loaded for editing and output creation.

Input Report
Opens the Preview window with parameters used to generate a report listing all the input for the model.

Used to generate a report of the Cartesian coordinates of each front and back template point for all segments in a segmental bridge.

Opens the Deck Elevation Report dialog, which is used to generate a report of deck elevations parametrically.

Generates elevations along tenth points of each of the beams in a bridge unit.

Bearing Seat
Used to generate a report of bearing seat elevations for the bridges and bridge units in the model.

Opens the Beam Camber and Deflections dialog, which is used to specify beam camber and deflection values for creating girder top and screed elevation reports.


Dynamic View By Station
Used to generate a dynamic cross section (cut) view of the model at a given station.
Table 2. Drawings group
Tool name Description

Opens then Drawings: Dynamic View Settings dialog, which is used to

Create Drawings
Used to select a pier or abutment for which you want to generate automated drawings.

Used to select a station along an alignment to generate automated superstructure section cut drawings.

Place Named Boundary
Used to place one or more named boundaries and optionally create saved view(s) and automate dynamic views.
Element Annotation

Annotate Element
Remove Element Annotations  
Model Annotations

Annotate Model
Remove Model Annotations  
Table 3. Measure group
Tool name Description

Measure Distance
Used to measure distance. The coordinates are always reported from the active model and not from a reference file attachment.

Measure Radius
Used to measure:
  • The radius of a circle or circular arc.
  • The radius of a cone or cylinder.
  • The primary and secondary axes of an ellipse or elliptical arc.
  • The radius of a circular segment or axes of an elliptical segment of a complex chain or complex shape.

Measure Angle
Used to measure the angle between two lines or segments of a line string, shape, or multi-line. If the selected lines do not intersect, an intersection point is computed to serve as the vertex of the measured angle.

Measure Length
Used to measure the length of an element(s) and analyze mass properties. For a closed element or a surface, the length of the perimeter or wireframe geometry is measured.

Measure Area
Used to measure area and perimeter.

Measure Volume
Used to measure the volume enclosed by an element or a set of elements and to analyze mass properties. The element(s) must completely enclose a volume; if a volume is not enclosed, a message appears in the status bar.