OpenBridge Modeler

To place the supportlines

To place all the supportlines for the US301 over RR bridge, do the following.

  1. On the Home ribbon tab, select the Place > Multi tool in the SupportLine group

  2. In the Place Multi SupportLines tool settings dialog, set the following tool values:
    1. Check the Skew Angle option and type a value of 0.
    2. Check the Length option and type a value of 100.0000 (ft).
      Tip: This is the transverse pier length and not the span length.
    3. Check the Start Station option and type a value of 191+42.6700.
    4. Check the End Station option and type a value of 193+44.5300.
    5. Check the Number of SupportLines option and type a value of 4.
    6. Select SupportLine as the Feature Definition.
    Leave all the other settings unchecked or on their default setting.
  3. Click three times in the view window.
    Note: You are prompted to specify values at each data point, but these were specified as fixed tool settings. Notice that the pop-up entry field on your mouse pointer has a lock to indicate these values are locked.
    The Place Multi supportlines dialog opens.
  4. Specify the following values for the supportlines to vary the skew and span length:
    SupportLine No Station (calculated) (Skew) Angle Span Length
    1 191+42.6700 -15.63° 0.0000
    2 192+00.1000 -14.77° 57.4300
    3 192+87.1000 -13.46° 87.0000
    4 193+44.5300 -12.6° 57.4300
    • All angles have a minus sign (-). The degree symbol is added for you; you do not need to type it.
    • The stations are automatically calculated based on span length values.
  5. Click OK. The supportlines are added to the bridge model.