OpenBridge Modeler

ProjectWise Integration

OpenBridge Modeler can check out and open files from and create new files in a ProjectWise datasource.

When you are opening a model, if OpenBridge Modeler detects that ProjectWise Explorer is installed on your computer, the ProjectWise Log in dialog opens. Here, you are prompted to provide the location of a ProjectWise datasource and your credentials. Once you have entered these, click Log in.

Note: If you do not want to open a file from a ProjectWise datasource, simply click Cancel and then navigate your Windows folders and drives normally.
Note: All OpenBridge Modeler libraries now have a File > Open option which allows you to select a different library than the one specified in the config file or coming from ProjectWise. This setting is only valid for the specific session of OpenBridge Modeler, and will be lost if OpenBridge Modeler is restarted. The currently loaded file path and name is displayed at the bottom of each library dialog.

To ensure ProjectWise integration is configured properly, look for a PW_DISABLE_INTEGRATION variable. If it exists and is set to 1, that may be the problem. This would be coming from the pw.cfg file, found in a path like:

C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition\OpenBridgeModeler\config\appl

  1. Open pw.cfg in a text editor such as Notepad.
  2. Comment out the PW_DISABLE_INTEGRATION_FROM_DESKTOP=1 line by inserting a # at the beginning of the line if one is not present already: