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Register a ProjectWise Project

Organizations can enable CONNECTED Users to register and collaborate on ProjectWise Projects. These projects contain project information such as Project Name, Asset Industry, Asset Type, Location etc. While creating a WorkSet in a CONNECT Edition product, you can associate it to a ProjectWise Project where the project information is included in the data files as properties.

Note: Project files, such as DGN files and library files are not stored on the cloud. They can be stored locally, on a network, or in ProjectWise.

What is the ProjectWise Project Registration Utility?

The Project Registration utility is an administrative interface for registering an Organization’s projects with Bentley. Registered projects are referred to as ProjectWise Projects. ProjectWise Projects provide information regarding the project themselves, as well as serving as a focal point for tying together other sources of project information.

For example, user and product usage for reporting and access to services available for each project.

Who can register a ProjectWise Project?

To register a ProjectWise Project, a user must have Administrator or Co-administrator privileges associated with their Bentley account. These privileges are required because registered ProjectWise Projects are Organization-wide resources that represent real-world projects and are used in many different locations for information organization and reporting. Therefore, access is limited to those members of an Organization with sufficient privileges to ensure that only recognized and permitted ProjectWise Projects be registered on behalf of an Organization.

Note: Users within the organization who were not designated as an Administrator or Co-Administrator who are requesting rights should contact their organizations Administrator. Bentley does not fulfill these requests.

To Register a ProjectWise Project

The Project Registration utility is used to provide information about a project as well as manage previously registered projects.

Note: Only users with Admin/Co-admin roles can register a project.
  1. Fill out the form as needed. Required fields are marked with an asterisk ("*").
    Number * The unique project code or ID number that is officially used in your organization for internal tracking purposes. For example, DMO-063 VP 778.
    Name * The common name for the project within your organization. For example, I-565 Interchange at County Line Road.
    Asset industry * The asset industry this project belongs to.

    An asset industry is a group of like organizations with a common business function centered on a like set of infrastructure assets. For example, Electric Utility.

    Asset type * The type of asset this project will focus on.

    An asset type is a set of related assets. For example, the Asset Class Electric Network is comprised of the following assets: Distribution Network, Substation, and Transmission Network.

    Allow External Team Members Allows the invitation process to include team members from external organizations.
    Use Location Displays a Location field, where you can enter the name of the project location. For example, city/state/country.
    Use Latitude/Longitude Displays the Latitude and Longitude fields, where you can enter the specific coordinates of where the project is located.
    Time Zone The time zone of the project location.
    Status The state of the project.

    Active means the project is open for participation. Inactive means the project is closed for participation.

  2. Click Save.
    A list of registered projects within your organization opens. The newly created project is highlighted in green.