OpenBridge Modeler

Adding a mechanical device to a rebar end

To add either a mechanical coupler or terminator to a rebar end, use the following procedure.

  1. Select an end condition (other than None).
  2. Click the […] button associated with and end condition. The Rebar End Properties dialog opens
  3. Set either of the following options:
    Option Description
    Mechanical Device To detail a mechanical coupler or terminator at the rebar end.
    End Preparation To detail corresponding end to a bar to join to a mechanical coupler.
    The parameters for this option are enabled.
  4. Select Manufacturer, Type, Device (Mechanical Device only), and Application (optional for Mechanical Device only) from the corresponding drop-down lists.
  5. (Optional) (for Mechanical Device) Set the Reverse option to reorient a coupler device.
  6. (Optional) (for End Preparation) Set the Holdback option and type a holdback distance.
  7. Click OK .