OpenBridge Modeler

To Add a Single RebarSet to a Concrete Element

Add a series of bars in two directions (a rebarset). You can add a rebarset to nearly any concrete object, but it is most helpful for reinforcing slabs and walls.
Tip: If you are inserting bars based on a smartline, draw your smartline before placing the bars.
  1. Select (Single RebarSet).
  2. On your model, click to select the concrete element.

    The RebarSet - Single dialog opens.

  3. Select a placement method:

    Insert Bar by Smartline


    Insert Bar by Points

  4. On your model, click to identify the bar placement. Based on the insert option:

    Click on a pre-drawn smartline shape.


    Click to select points. Your bar will be placed along the path you click.

  5. Click OK .