OpenBridge Modeler

To import geometry

To import roadway alignment for US301, use the following procedure.

  1. On the Home ribbon tab, select the Import > Geometry tool in the Bridge Setup group

    The Import Geometry dialog opens.
  2. Navigate to ……\WorkSpaces\Imperial Standards\WorkSets\Tutorial 1\dgn, select US301 over RR.gpk, and then click Open.

    By default, the WorkSpace folder is located in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition\Configuration\ .

    Note: The folder C:\ProgramData\ is hidden by default in Windows. You will need to make it visible. Refer to for information on how to do this for different versions of Windows.
    The Import Geometry dialog opens.
  3. Select the US301 profile only:
    1. Click the [+] (plus sign) next to the Alignment entry and then again next to the NoFeature entry to expand the list.
    2. Scroll to the US301 entry and click the [+] (plus sign) to expand the list.
    3. Clear the check mark from the Profile entry and then click the [+] (plus sign) to expand the list.
    4. Scroll to the US301FP entry and check this entry.
      Tip: When selecting the US301 alignment, the profile that contains the alignment name is automatically detected.
    5. Check the Create Civil Rules option.
  4. Click Import. The profile data is imported into your project.
    Tip: Select the Fit View tool in one of the view windows to display the alignment.
  5. Select the alignment and then select Properties from the pop-up controls. The Properties dialog opens.
  6. In the Properties dialog, select Alignment > Geom_Baseline as the Feature Definition.