OpenBridge Modeler

Continuous Footing Reinforcement - Lap Options tab

Used to specify bar lap options for reinforcement in continuous footings.

Top/Bottom Lap Splice Preferences
  • Maximum Length – Sets the percentage to use laps at the maximum bar length. Type a percentage in the % Over field to allow this amount over the maximum length.
  • Uniform Length – When checked, makes the bar lengths along all equal.
  • Stagger Laps – Staggers the bar laps by the indicated distance set in the next field.
Top/Bottom Lap Data
  • Lap Method – Sets the method for the lap, selected one from the three options: Length, Bar Diameter, and Mechanical Device.
  • Lap Length / Multiplier – When Length is selected as the Lap Method , this value set in the adjacent field will be used for bar laps.

    When Bar Diameter is selected as the Lap Method, then type the diameter multiplier to use and the calculated lap length is shown in the Multiplier field.

    It is disabled for Mechanical Device method.

  • Stock Length – Type the bar stock length for the bar size used (default is 60'-0").
  • Mil Length – Type the manufactured length for the bar size used (default is 60'-0").