OpenBridge Modeler

To move a supportline

To move or rotate an existing supportline to a target line, use the following procedure.

You must first draw a MicroStation or Civil line for the target line. The station or skew of the target line is used to update the supportline based on the tool settings.
This is used to translate or rotate an existing supportline. You can change other properties of a supportline (e.g., length) by selecting its properties from the pop-up context menu or the Project Explorer.
  1. Either:

    On the Home ribbon tab, select the Move tool in the SupportLine group


    Key in bmgeom supportline move

  2. Select the move option in the Move SupportLine Tool Settings dialog:
    Move Option Description
    Station And Skew moves the supportline to the same station as the target line and matches its skew
    Station Only moves the supportline to the same station as the target line, but leaves the skew untouched
    Skew Only matches the skew of the target line but leaves the supportline at the same place
  3. Data point on an existing supportline to move.
  4. Select the existing target line.
The supportline is moved or rotated to match the target line as selected.