OpenBridge Modeler

What's New in CONNECT Edition Update 8.1

This topic summarizes the new enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 8.1.

  • Allow user to model Concrete Diaphragms for Concrete Slab and Girder bridge type
  • Bridge Wizard updates including input for support skews, curved alignments, alignment and profile initial data, and deck width and thickness input
  • User control over text and graphics for Beam Layout, Support Line, Units, Bearing Lines etc.
  • New option to specify Vertical Offset from Deck for Abutment Backwall
  • New Wingwalls Offset – Positive and Negative values now allowed
  • Beam Properties shows two beam Lengths - true and projected length
  • New Beam Length Report for Concrete Girders
  • Support For AUS/NZ rolled steel sections from Catalog (Main and Cross-frames)
  • Deck Variable Constraint Dialog now shows a new column showing initial/default values as specified in the library
  • New option to allow user to input Active Angle for individual bearings
  • Column properties now displays Top Elevation
  • Beam Layout – new "Same as Start" option, allows user to enter info for beam start, and applies the same at beam end.
  • FDOT Sound Walls added in Barriers Library
  • New offsets introduced for more accurate transfer of Functional Components or Abutments to LEAP
  • Configuration variables introduced to offer users control over pier template display dimensions
  • Default Material for Rendering
  • Follow Deck Edge option now supports beams with multiple section templates
  • Built on MicroStation PowerPlatform Update 13.
  • Updated to Civil Platform (OpenRoads Designer) 2020 Release 2
  • Updated to ProStructures Update 5