OpenBridge Modeler

Creating an Irregular Dispatch

To create an Irregular Dispatch rebar cage:

Distributes rebar along / between Variable Length Guidelines and associates them with a Concrete Element.
Note: Guidelines can be any Line / Smartline / Arc or Spline (Splines can only be used when using the Spacing Dispatch Method).
  1. Select (Irregular Dispatch). On your model, click to select a Concrete Object to add rebar. The Irregular Dispatch dialog opens.

    Irregular Dispatch -to create an Irregular Dispatch cage:

  2. Select your Bar Size from the drop down list.
  3. Select your Dispatch Method from the drop down list.
    • Vertex - Places Rebar between all Vertices of the Line / Smartline Connects all vertices (Distribution Values are ignored with this Method & all lines / smartlines must have same # of Vertices and/or Segments).
    • Spacing - Places Bars at the Start and End of the Line / Smartline / Arc or Spline (Offset values will shift Start and End bars based on values entered) ignoring vertices then distributes bars equally across remaining distance using indicated spacing (Not to exceed).
    • Combination (All Lines / Smartlines must have same # of Vertices and/or segments) combines Vertex & Spacing Methods spacing the bars at the Start & End of each segment (Offsets apply to each segment)  then distributes bars equally across remaining distance using indicated spacing (Not to exceed).
  4. Enter Start Offset / Spacing / End Offset Distribution values if using the Spacing or Combination Methods (a spacing greater than 0 is required in these methods).
  5. Click (Select / Add Guidelines).
  6. Right Click or press <Enter> to return to the  Irregular Dispatch dialog.
  7. Selected Guidelines will be displayed in the Guideline Grid on the left side of the dialog. 
    To Modify or Delete the selection left click to highlight the guideline, (the Guideline will highlight in your drawing) to be modified then right click to bring up your modification / deletion options:
    • Remove Guideline – Removes current guideline.
    • Reverse Guideline – (Reverses the order the points in the Line / Smartline / Arc or Spline were selected).
      Note: An "X" mark is added in Reversed column for guidelines that are reversed.
    • Make Arc Intermediate Point – (Only an option when selecting 3 Guidelines) Creates a uniform arc bent bar between the 3 guidelines (3 point arc method).
    • Make Normal Vertex – Option only appears after you have made the middle of your 3 Guidelines a Arc Intermediate Point.
    • Cancel – Closes the right-click options.
    If you selected your Guidelines in the wrong order remove the incorrect guidelines and then Re-click (Select / Add Guidelines) to append your selection

    In the Combination Dispatch Method the QTY can be manually adjust by left clicking in the Segment Grid on the segment # that needs adjustment and keying in the desired # of bars.  The Numbers shown in parenthesis are the recommended # of bars per segment (Vertex Bars aren't included in totals) base on your spacing and the longest line in the segment.

CAUTION: Any change to Variables susceptible to influence changing the guide line's direction and would bring unexpected cross bars.
The tool takes precaution of ensuring the guide lines' directions are maintained same. If no reversing guide line, no cross bar is generated. With reversing, the cross bar gets created. The "X" cross mark in column Reversed indicates that the guideline will definitely generate the cross bars. To generate the normal bars, toggle off all reversed status.