OpenBridge Modeler

To group clash results

You must have previously set up and executed a clash deteciton job.

After processing a clash detection job, there may be too many clashes to review each one individually. You can group the clashes together to consolidate the number of actual clashes that are tracked. When clashes are grouped, you can make one change to affect all the clashes in the group, such as changing the status or assignee. With a group, you can also create a single markup to affect multiple clashes in the group.

You can create a group by:
  • manually selecting the clashes and grouping them.
  • identifying all the clashes that contain a certain element. For example, a steel beam may clash with multiple elements but the clashes should be tracked as one clash since moving the steel beam will resolve all the clashes.
Tip: When you delete a group, the individual clashes within that group are not deleted.
  1. To group clashes manually from a selection:
    1. From the Results tab, <Ctrl-click> all the clashes you want to include in a group.
    2. Right-click and from the pop-up menu, selectCreate Group > From Selection.
    All selected clashes are included in the group.
  2. To manually add a clash to a group, select the clash and drag it into a group.
  3. To view all the clashes in the group, in the All Jobs list box, select the group to display the clashes on the Results tab.
  4. To group clashes by common element:
    1. In the Results tab, select a clash that has the element for which you want to create a group.
    2. Right-click and select Create Group > From Clashes on Element A.
    All clashes that have a common element in A are now included in the newly created group.