OpenBridge Modeler

To generate an input echo report

To generate a report that includes all the input for part or all of the current project, use the following procedure.

The input echo report lists all of the input for the modeled elements, organized by bridge an unit.
  1. Either:

    on the Analysis and Reporting ribbon tab, select the Input Report tool in the Bridge Reporting group.


    key in bmreport reports inputechoreport

    The Preview window opens.
  2. In the Parameters panel, select the parts of the model to include in the report:
    1. Choose All or just the Active bridge from the Selected Bridge drop-down list.
    2. Choose All or just the Active bridge from the Selected Unit drop-down list.
    3. Check the bridge objects you want included from the Report Options drop-down check list.
  3. Click Submit. The report is generated.
  4. (Optional) To save the file:
    1. In the Preview window, select the Save tool. The Save As dialog opens.
    2. Type a File name and select a location.
    3. Click Save.
    The file is saved using the .prnx file extension. This file can be re-opened using the Preview window.
  5. (Optional) Create output of the report:
    Option Description
    To print a copy select either the Print tool (to change printer settings) or Quick Print tool (to use the default Windows printer and settings).
    To save a PDF copy select the Export > Export To > PDF File tool. Provide the PDF options and click OK. You will be prompted to save the file.
    To e-mail a PDF copy select the Export > E-Mail As > PDF File tool. After saving the file as you would for export, a new e-mail draft is opened in your default e-mail client with this file attached.
    Tip: You can also export to or e-mail the report as a variety of other common file formats.