OpenBridge Modeler

To place transverse stiffeners

To place transverse stiffeners on a steel girder superstructure, use the following procedure.

You must have a steel girder superstructure.

You must use an existing stiffener definition.

Only one stiffener group can be added to a beam layout. However, you can add as many stiffeners as needed by editing the stiffener group.

Note: You do not need to manually add stiffeners for supporting cross frames. These are added by placing cross frames on your beam group.
  1. Either:

    On the Home ribbon tab, select the Place Stiffeners tool in the Superstructure group


    Key in: bmgeom stiffener placetransversestiffeners

  2. Select the beam group:
    1. Data point on the beam group to select it.
    2. Data point again elsewhere to confirm the selection.
    The Stiffener Placement dialog opens.
  3. To place a series of stiffeners on a beam:
    1. Select the beam name in the left-hand list.
    2. Click Wizard. The Stiffener Location Wizard opens.
    3. Select the Number of Stiffeners along the selected beam.
    4. Select the Stiffener template to use.
    5. Select the Side of the Web on which the stiffeners are to be placed. The side is selected looking stations ahead.
    6. Select to place the stiffeners using an Absolute location or by Ratio of span.
    7. Type the Start Station Offset to the first stiffener and End Station Offset to the last stiffener.
    8. Click Generate. The stiffeners are added to the beam. The dialog remains open to allow you to quickly generate additional stiffeners on the same beam (e.g., on the other side of the web).
    9. Click Close when finished.
  4. To copy stiffeners to another beam:
    1. Select the beam and stiffeners on that beam that you want to copy to another beam.
      Tip: You can press and hold <Ctrl> to select multiple items. Press and hold <Shift> to select a group of items stiffeners. Press <Ctrl+A> to select all the items for the current beam.
    2. Click Copy. The Beam Copy dialog opens.
    3. Select the supportline groups or beams to which you want to copy stiffeners.
    4. Click Copy By Ratio.
    The stiffeners are copied to the selected beams.
  5. To add an individual stiffener:
    1. Select the beam name in the left-hand list.
    2. Click Add. A new row is added at the end of the list of stiffeners.
    3. Select the Location Type and then type either the absolute distance from the start station or the beam ratio.
    4. Select the Side of Web on which the stiffener is placed.
    5. Type a Distance From Top and Distance From Bottom as needed.
    6. Select the Stiffener template.
  6. Click Validate. You are notified of any detected layout errors.
  7. Click Save. The model is updated with the stiffeners.

You can add stiffener placement and stiffener definitions intput to the Input echo report.

Transverse stiffener quantity estimates are automatically added to the Quantities report.