OpenBridge Modeler

To generate a deck elevations report

To generate a report of deck elevation at points along all or part of the active bridge, use the following procedure.

  1. Either:

    on the Analysis and Reporting ribbon tab, select the Deck tool in the Bridge Reporting group


    key in bmreport reports deckelevation

  2. Select the start and end limits for the report:
    1. Data point on a supportline to use as the start limit.
    2. Data point on a second supportline to use as the end limit.
    3. Data point again to accept the selection.
    Tip: You can modify the supportlines for the Start and End later if necessary.
    The Deck Elevation Report dialog opens.
  3. Type a Report Name.
  4. (Optional) Type Offset values for the Start and End supportlines selected.
  5. Select the method to use for the transverse lines of elevation points:
    Option Description
    Points per span Type the number of transverse lines to use within each span. These lines are evenly spaced along the alignment.
    Spacing Type a regular spacing to use between transverse lines.
  6. Select the orientation Type of the transverse lines:
    Option Description
    Parallel to start support This option will use transverse lines parallel to a skewed Start supportline.
    Normal to alignment This option uses transverse lines which are normal to a tangent of the alignment at that point.
  7. Select any common references to use as points along transverse lines for deck elevations. An Offset value can be specified for each common reference point in this table.
  8. Click Select to select any auxiliary objects in the bridge model for additional deck elevation reporting.
  9. Click Generate. The Preview window opens with the deck elevation report loaded.
  10. (Optional) To save the file:
    1. In the Preview window, select the Save tool. The Save As dialog opens.
    2. Type a File name and select a location.
    3. Click Save.
    The file is saved using the .prnx file extension. This file can be re-opened using the Preview window.
  11. (Optional) Create output of the report:
    Option Description
    To print a copy select either the Print tool (to change printer settings) or Quick Print tool (to use the default Windows printer and settings).
    To save a PDF copy select the Export > Export To > PDF File tool. Provide the PDF options and click OK. You will be prompted to save the file.
    To e-mail a PDF copy select the Export > E-Mail As > PDF File tool. After saving the file as you would for export, a new e-mail draft is opened in your default e-mail client with this file attached.
    Tip: You can also export to or e-mail the report as a variety of other common file formats.
  12. In the Deck Elevation Report dialog, click Save And Close to save the report in the project and close the dialog.
Note: Saved reports are located on the Bridge Data tab in the Project Explorer dialog. Navigate to a Bridge and Unit to locate the Reports. Reopen a saved Deck Elevation report by right-clicking the report name and selecting Open from the pop-up menu.