OpenBridge Modeler

To apply point details

To provide template data for how a point on a cross-section relates to other points, use the following procedure.

  1. In the Template Creation window, select the Point Details tab.
  2. Select a table row corresponding to a point (i.e., vertex on the shape).
  3. (Optional) Set the Superelevation Flag option.
  4. (Optional) Apply point constraints:
    1. Click the Mode button. This button is labeled with the current constraints in either direction.
    2. Select one or a pair of constraints to apply at the vertex and click OK.
    3. For each Constraint, select a Parent and provide constraint details based on the type of constraint selected.
  5. (Optional) Apply corner attributes:
    1. Select the corner Mode.
    2. type a Radius, Distance, or Distance2 as required for the selected Mode.
    3. (Optional) Type a variable name.
  6. (Optional) Set the Do Not Rotate option.
  7. Click Save.
Repeat this procedure for each point as necessary.