OpenBridge Modeler

What's New in V8i (SELECTseries 2)

This topics summaries the new features and enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler V8i (SELECTseries 2).

Steel Stiffeners Definition and Placement

You can now add transverse stiffeners along the webs of steel beams by placing a stiffener group on the beam group. A wizard is available to parametrically layout stiffeners along a beam. You can also copy stiffeners to other beams in the beam group to rapidly add stiffeners to your entire bridge.

A new stiffener library is available for defining stiffener templates.

Steel Cross Frames Definition and Placement

You can now add cross frames and steel diaphragms between steel beams by placing a cross frame group on the beam group. A wizard is available to parametrically layout cross frames along beams or at specific locations. You can also copy cross frames to other beam bays in the beam group to rapidly add cross frames to your entire bridge.

A new cross frame library and connection plate library are available to define cross frame and connecting plate templates. These also utilize the new stiffener templates for supporting stiffeners.

Substructure Drawings

You can automatically generate preliminary drawings for substructure elements using MicroStation Dynamic View technology. Piers, abutments, bearings, and bearing seats can all have drawings automatically generated, with options for auto-dimensioning and fit & center drawings in a sheet boundary. These drawings are automatically updated based on changes to the 3D model.

Additional options are available for clipping columns, piles, or drilled shafts.

Additional Enhancements

  • Abutments can how use a vertical and horizontal offset on the back wall. This allows you to specify a support on the abutment back wall to support the approach slab.
  • Cheek Wall on Piers and Abutments: You now have the option to dimension a cheek wall for both the right and left ends of the pier cap or abutment.
  • Transfer of steel super and substructure data from LEAP Bridge Steel to OpenBridge Modeler. Previously, only one-way data transfer from OpenBridge Modeler to LEAP Bridge Steel was supported. Now, you can make changes in LEAP Bridge Steel and send the data back to OpenBridge Modeler.
    Note: Cross frame and stiffener information is not yet transferred between (either to or from LEAP Bridge Steel) in this release.
  • National Bridge Inventory IDs are now assigned to corresponding OpenBridge Modeler model objects. The standard ID values are used but these may be edited in the file C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBridgeModeler V8i 08.11.XX.YY\WorkSpace\Standards\templates\ElementNumbers_NBI.xml. If different for a particular state DOT, you can also edit the file C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBridgeModeler V8i 08.11.XX.YY\WorkSpace\Standards\templates\ElementNumbers_State.xml
  • Segmental Bridge Coordinate Report: You can now generate a report of the x, y, and z coordinates of each template point for a segmental cross-section. Both front and back faces of the segment are included.
  • You can now specify the top of footing elevation for pier foundations. This is useful in preliminary designs when a detailed ground profile may not be available. Select the Override option on the Pier Elevation Constraints dialog Footings tab and type an Offset value.
  • Bearing elevation reports now include the elevation at all four corners of each bearing seat.

Miscellaneous Minor Enhancements

  • Piers are now split into components. This allows you to assign different material selections to improve quantity estimates.
  • All support components are now tagged with corresponding support names. When selecting abutments or piers, the name of the support (e.g., "Pier 1") is displayed. This is supported in older files and is also transferred to i-models.
  • You can now save templates as external DGN files. Click the Save tool in the template preview controls to specify a filename and location.
  • In span-by-span segmental bridges, the start and end offsets are now applied to each individual span rather than just at the start and end of the bridge.
  • The transfer of span-by-span segmental bridges is now supported to RM Bridge.
  • In the Project Explorer Bridge Model tab, right-click and select Hide Decoration to turn off the display of labels for unit labels, bearing lines and text, and pier lines.
  • Pier line markers have been added to easily identify pier lines.