OpenBridge Modeler

To generate a camber and deflections report

To generate a report that includes deck screed elevations and top of girder elevations at erection, use the following procedure.

Note: These reports apply to prestressed girder and slab type bridges.
  1. Either:

    On the Analysis and Reporting ribbon tab, select the Camber tool in the Bridge Reporting group


    key in bmreport reports beamcamber

    The Beam Camber and Deflections dialog opens.
  2. Select the Span.
  3. Either:
    To… Do the following…
    import camber data from a LEAP Bridge Concrete model select the Read from LBC option.
    manually specify camber and deflection data type the midspan values in the table for each of the beams.
  4. Click Generate. The Preview window opens.
  5. In the Parameters panel, select the parts of the model to include in the report:
    1. Choose All or select beam groups in the Beam Group drop-down list.
    2. Choose All or select spans in the Span drop-down list.
    3. Choose All or select beams in the Beam drop-down list.
    4. Type the number of Points Per Span.
  6. Click Submit.

    The report is generated at 10th points (by default) or at the user-specified points by interpolating all values parabolically from midspan. Refer to the Report Notes section below for details on interpreting the values.

  7. (Optional) To save the file:
    1. In the Preview window, select the Save tool. The Save As dialog opens.
    2. Type a File name and select a location.
    3. Click Save.
    The file is saved using the .prnx file extension. This file can be re-opened using the Preview window.
  8. (Optional) Create output of the report:
    Option Description
    To print a copy select either the Print tool (to change printer settings) or Quick Print tool (to use the default Windows printer and settings).
    To save a PDF copy select the Export > Export To > PDF File tool. Provide the PDF options and click OK. You will be prompted to save the file.
    To e-mail a PDF copy select the Export > E-Mail As > PDF File tool. After saving the file as you would for export, a new e-mail draft is opened in your default e-mail client with this file attached.
    Tip: You can also export to or e-mail the report as a variety of other common file formats.

Report Notes

  • Sign convention for the camber and deflection values: upward deflection is positive, downward deflection is negative.
  • Camber is the sum of the deflections due to prestress force/strands and downward deflection due to self weight of the beam.
  • Self deflection is the deflection due to the dead load of the deck slab and haunch.
  • Additional deflection is due to all other dead loads including dead loads on precast or composite dead loads.
  • Screed elevation: Elevation at top of the deck slab at any point before downward deflection due to self weight takes place. This is the level at which the screed is to be set so that when the concrete is poured, the deck will deflect to the final desired elevation.
  • Camber and deflection values can be read in from LEAP Bridge Concrete. The 3D model in OpenBridge Modeler is not changed and the values are only used to adjust the deck screed and beam erection elevation reports, specifically available under the Camber dialog.