OpenBridge Modeler

Equal Space Points

Used to insert a specified number of points, points at a defined interval, or a combination of both.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Geometry > Horizontal > Point split button

The Equal Space Points tool inserts a specified number of points, points at a defined interval, or a combination of both. The points can be placed between two points or along an element and optional offset.

The tool places cells or text based on a feature definition or MicroStation points (zero length line) in the active MicroStation symbology if no feature definition is used.

The point can be placed in 2-D (X,Y) or 3-D (X,Y, elevation) in both 2D and 3D model views.

Placement Methods

The two placement methods determine the input prompts. These methods are:

  1. Between Points

  2. Along Element

Between Points


Along Element

The points are placed along the element (or an optional offset), therefore a MicroStation or civil horizontal element is needed.

Heads-up Prompt



Number of Points - specify the number of points which are placed equidistant apart.

Interval - points are placed at the specified value.

Even - points are placed at even stationing.

Max Interval -


Optionally, points are placed at an offset, i.e., the element is copied parallel at the distance (positive to the right, negative to the left) and that's where the points are placed.


There are no graphic manipulators for equal spaced points.

Project Explorer and Properties

The point rule data is also accessible in the properties of the element.

Note: For InRoads users, the annotation style is from InRoads Style Manager and the Default point style.

Workflow: To Place a Point

  1. Select the Point tool.

  2. Enter the Feature Definition and Name in the in the tool settings.

  3. Check the Want 3D Point box and enter an Elevation in the field provided if you wish your point to have a vertical value.

  4. Following the heads-up prompt "Enter Data Point", move the cursor to the desired location then data point to place the point.