OpenBridge Modeler

To create a new project

To create a new bridge project for the steel girder bridge tutorial, do the following.

With OpenBridge Modeler started, close any open files. A File Open dialog opens.
  1. On the OpenBridge Modeler Start page, click Start a work session.

    The Workset page opens.
  2. Select the Imperial Standards workspace and Tutorial 2 workset.
  3. Select the New File tool () on the Work Page. The New dialog opens.
  4. Type US301 over RR Steel in the File name field.
  5. Select the seed file:
    1. Verify that the seed path is …\Configuration\Organization-Civil\_Civil Default Standards - Imperial\Seed\. This is typically the default location when searching for Seed files.

      By default, the WorkSpace folder is located in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition\Configuration\ .

      Note: The folder C:\ProgramData\ is hidden by default in Windows. You will need to make it visible. Refer to for information on how to do this for different versions of Windows.
    2. Select OBM-seed3d-english-surveyfoot.dgn and click Open if the file is not automatically selected by the program.
  6. Click Save. The new file is created with the selected Seed file data.
  7. Select US301 over RR Steel.dgn and click Open.
The file is opened in OpenBridge Modeler.