OpenBridge Modeler

To place concrete diaphragms

Concrete diaphragms can be placed transversely between beams in a span. To place concrete diaphragms between concrete beams, use the following procedure.

  1. Either:

    On the Home ribbon tab, select the Place Diaphragms tool in the Superstructure group.


    Key in: bmgeom diaphragm placeconcretediaphragms

  2. Select the beam group:
    1. Data point on the beam group to select it
    2. Data point elsewhere to confirm the selection The Place Diaphragms dialog opens
  3. For the selected span from the list of spans, to place diaphragms between beams, select the start and end beam, the thickness of the diaphragm, vertical (top and bottom offsets), horizontal offsets in the default table.
  4. You can also specify a skew angle and concrete material for the layout
  5. Next specify the locations along the selected span where you would like to place the diaphragms and input the distances measured from the support line.
  6. Click to add the diaphragms at the desired locations
  7. You can now click Copy to copy the defined diaphragm layout from the current span to the other spans.

    Reference drawing for Offsets (Vertical and Horizontal)