OpenBridge Modeler

What's New in V8i (SELECTseries 1)

This topics summaries the new features and enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler V8i (SELECTseries 1).

Piers: Column Variation

A new "Variable" option is available when specifying pier Column Type. Selecting this option opens the Variable Column Form dialog. This allows you to select a section type and specify dimensions at points along the column height. The variation between defined sections can also be selected (similar to variable bridge cross-section members).

Sections can be:
  • rectangular
  • circular
  • rectangular with filet
  • rectangular with bevel
Variations between points can be:
  • linear
  • parabolic
  • circular

Transfer of these pier columns to LEAP Bridge Concrete and RM Bridge is supported.

See " To add variable section columns to a pier " for details.

Layout Bridges Offset from Roadway Alignment

Bridges can now be set on their own alignment. All Station references are taken from the Roadway alignment.

See " Add Bridge tool " for details.

Transfer from LEAP Bridge Concrete to OpenBridge Modeler

Changes made to a bridge objects designed in LEAP Bridge Concrete can now be selectively imported back into OpenBridge Modeler. When re-importing bridge data, you will be given a list of elements and changes to those elements for review. You can accept the changes and update the bridge model in OpenBridge Modeler or leave them unchanged.

See " To update model from LEAP Bridge Concrete " for details.

Transfer Tendons from RM Bridge to OpenBridge Modeler

For segmental bridges, you can now transfer tendon geometry and data from RM Bridge into OpenBridge Modeler when re-importing data. You can also create and display strands in OpenBridge Modeler.

See " To update model from RM Bridge " for details.

Miscellaneous Minor Enhancements

The following minor enhancements have also been made in this release of OpenBridge Modeler:

  • Beam rotation - for prestressed girders, you can now override the calculated rotation angle in the Beam Definition dialog. Now handles crown situation.
  • Steel girder definitions - new options to define with respect to pier lines.
  • Crash walls - Availabe for substructure objects. The transfer to analytics is also supported.
  • Rock sockets - rock sockets can now be added under drilled shafts in substructures.
  • Girder library - new grider sections from Illinois DOT, Florida DOT, NEBT, Texas DOT, and Virginia DOT are available in the standard sections library.
  • Constraints definition graphics - the variation graphics on the Solid Constraints Definition dialog have been enhanced to display dimension labels, support locations, and support labels.
  • Catalog services - bearings from manufacturer DS Brown are now available, including fixed, multi-directional, and uni-directional bearings.
  • Pierline to Precast Offset - seperate pierline offsets for start and end of precast girder span. The sign convention is now +ve is ahead of pierline and -ve is behind pierline (consistent with other offsets in the program).

Refer to the release notes for additional minor enhancements and bug fixes in this release.