OpenBridge Modeler

Properties dialog

Used to review or modify the properties of an element(s), such as its geometry.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: OpenBridge Modeler > Home > Primary

  • Default Function key menu: <Ctrl+F12>
Note: For additional details on using the Properties dialog, refer to the MicroStation platform help.

The selected element(s) is listed in the top pane. The tabs that appear in the bottom pane vary, depending on the type of element you select. Information displayed on each of these tabs pertains to the element whose list entry is selected in the top pane.

Many non-modal dialogs now provide unified selection, that is, the selection is synchronized with each other. For example, if you select a design model in the Explorer dialog, the same design model will be selected in Models dialog and its properties will be shown in Properties and Details dialogs. Similarly, if you select a model in the Models dialog, the same model will be selected in the Explorer dialog File tab (but it will not expand automatically) and again the properties will be shown in Properties and Details dialogs. Same is applicable to elements and other objects. There is also support for sub-selection. For example, if you select a Smart Solid element type in Explorer dialog File tab, and then select a particular smart solid element from the Properties dialog's selection tree, the Explorer will indicate that selection in the tree by a small arrow. If you have Details dialog open, the row in Details dialog will be automatically selected and vice versa. The same will happen in the view window as well.

The Properties dialog shows properties of any selection and is integrated with unified selection. The selection tree shows details such as associated elements, named groups, items and other data of the element as child nodes. It is also integrated with Tables (shows rows, columns, cells, etc.), parametric elements (you can expand and edit constraints and features), and so on.

The Properties dialog can be used to edit properties of data that have write permissions. This can include files, items, or elements.

Not all the settings listed below display each time an element is selected with the Properties tool. The table below displays settings on each pane in alphabetical order rather than in the order of their appearance in the dialog.

Note: If an element has associations, they are listed and grouped under association types, in the top pane of the dialog.
Note: If the field and its setting appear in gray text, the value is read-only and cannot be modified.