OpenBridge Modeler

To place segments over interior supportlines

To place the balanced cantilever segmental builds over the interior supportlines as well as add closure pours, do the following.

  1. On the Home ribbon tab, select the Place Segmental > Place tool in the Superstructure group

    Note: The same Template Name should still be selected, but if not, select SegBox0600.
  2. In the Place Cantilever Segmental tool settings dialog, select the segment template to use:
    1. Check the Seg. Length option and type a value of 9@10:9@10.
      Tip: The colon (":") is used to separate the number at length used in the back and ahead station cantilevers. A semicolon (";") can be used to change the number at length values within a cantilever.
    2. Check the Pier Seg. Length option and type a value of 5:5 (m).
    3. Select Segment for the Feature Definition.
  3. Data point on supportline 2.
  4. Repeat step 3 to place the same balanced cantilever over supportline 3.
  5. On the Home ribbon tab, select the Close tool in the Superstructure group

  6. In the Close Segmental Balance tool settings dialog, type 11.0000 (m) in the Max CIP Segment Length field.
  7. Data point on the alignment. The closure pours are added to the balanced cantilever segmental construction.
In the Explorer panel, expand the Bridge Model > Bridges > Bridge (BR 1) > Units > Unit 1 :: Segmental Bridge > Segmental > Segmental Cantilever :: 3 > 3 :: Back entry, you will see the Pier, Typical, and Closure segments listed.

Right-click and select Properties on any segment to display the bridge data properties of that segment in the Element Information dialog.

Right-click and select Highlight to highlight the segment in the view window.