OpenBridge Modeler

Create Superelevation Lanes

Creates superelevation lanes to which super calculations can be applied.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Corridors > Superelevation > Create split button

Superelevation lanes define the horizontal geometry, offsets, and cross slope for superelevated areas. There are two types of superelevation lanes.

  • Primary lanes - a normal cross slope is specified when the lane is defined and then the cross slope is calculated from the superelevation rate file or imported from a CSV file when the superelevation is calculated. Primary lanes extend the entire length of a section. The begin and end stations are defined by the section. Primary lanes are generally the through lanes that extend throughout the project.

  • Auxiliary lanes - the cross slope is a fixed user-specified value or is automatically set to match an adjacent superelevation lane. Auxiliary lanes have a user-specified begin and end station but must be within a single section. Auxiliary lanes are lanes that are added and dropped along the alignment such as turn lanes.

The resulting superelevation lanes are drawn as graphics in a DGN file. The color (green and yellow) of the superelevation lanes are hard coded and cannot be changed.

At any time during the process, additional lanes can be added in any section.